Emotional Eating? 5 Reasons You Can’t Stop

Most people think emotional eating is due to a lack of self-control.  If emotional eating were a simple issue of discipline, we could easily find this discipline without torturing ourselves over meal plans, paying money for special diets, and constantly obsessing about who is eating what and when. And, of course, there [...]

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10 Ways to Control Your Eating?

Use smaller plates Eat smaller portions Don’t shop for food when you're hungry. Plan your menus for the week. Drink water before meals. Don’t snack in between meals. Know the triggers that make you reach for food. Learn to soothe yourself without using food. Start to eat mindfully. Nurture yourself.

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Are You an Emotional Eater?

Answer the following 7 questions. Did you notice your hunger coming on fast, or did it grow gradually? When you get hungry, do you feel an almost desperate need to eat something straight away? When you eat, do you pay attention to what goes in your mouth, or do you stuff [...]

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